The Office for Climate Education (OCE) has been affiliated with the Higher Diploma in Applied Arts (DSAA) in Graphic Design at Jacques Prévert High School in Boulogne-Billancourt since 2021. As part of this collaboration, OCE and DSAA are jointly exploring how design contributes to pedagogical practices in climate change education.



During this second edition, the goal was to envision possible futures under climate constraints, raising educational, scientific, and creative challenges. Students pondered topics such as: How will we eat in 2042? How will we live on coastlines in 2042? What will be our sources of energy in 2042?

On January 27, 2023, at the Académie du Climat, the opening of the exhibition of the students' graphic projects took place: around ten educational risograph posters on the theme "How will we live in 2042?". This exhibition was accompanied by a roundtable discussion and writing workshops focusing on new narratives.



These high-quality graphic posters are designed as mediation tools intended for middle school teachers to address the issues of projection and imagination in a world under climate constraints.



* It should be noted that these posters have not been validated by the Scientific and Pedagogical Committee of the OCE.